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"No job voice"

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Well fancy that I'm in the army and I like girls too...;)

What what! Awesome. To bad we are both in :/

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Can I just find my lesbian lover already.

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Stoners are the worst texters. Were either too busy smoking, forget we have a phone, or staring at the text wondering if it makes any sense.

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So army ladies going to Fort jackson

Let me give you some insight on what it it like being here in basic training.
-Firstly don’t call it boot camp. You will get yelled at.
-Most of the girls will be 18/19 or a lot older. (Usually a huge age gap and maturity gap also)
-bring lots of underwear. Only neutral colors. The ones at the px(store) are like 10 dollars for 6 pair.
-bring as many mini face washes, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, anything you need for your body (3 ounces each) as you can.
-bring 6 sport bras or more (neutral colors )
- wear civilian clothes that you wouldn’t mind throwing away once you get here.
-Bring gel and Bobby pens not matter if you have short or long hair.
-don’t worry if you don’t make friends off the bat. Many girls click up but some are also very friendly. You’ll make more friends at A IT or when processing Is done and they ship you to basic.
-Most girls are controlling and young (18/19) don’t pay attention to them. Remember they have barely left home where there parents took care of them. They don’t know what the fuck they are talking about ignore them as much as possible but don’t try to argue.
- lots of sexism. The guys are favored.
- you stand in a lot of lines to eat.
-it’s easy to get disqualified and hard to be sent home fast. So if you aren’t sure about leaving for basic JUST DON’T DO IT.
- once again the girls in your platoon will try and control you.
Ex: I was about to shower and some girls come in and say “we have formation in 25 mins why are you even taking a shower”*with attitude*
Me: bitch I have no hair. I’m taking a 6 min shower get the fuck outta my face I have more than enough time.
If you know you have time to do something or they are trying to control and yell at you. Either ignore them and do what you were doing (if you know you are right or won’t get the platoon introuble) or speak up and say what’s on your mind. Don’t let them control you.
-bring your own stationary (pens, paper, stamps and envelopes)
-if you have good signal in the Barracks DO NOT announce it or let people use your phone. They will take advantage of you and continue to ask to use it.
Remember. Basic training is only temporary
Message me with questions :)

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I’m playing 703rd wheel.
Literally everyone at bootcamp is married, engaged, in a relationship or has someone waiting at home for them.

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